SEOM 2015

Sociedad Española de Oncología Médica (SEOM)


Surfernet’s works in the SEOM Congress.

In this congress we developed several applications for MSD laboratory.

The Congress

The Congress is a forum for discussion and meeting point for professionals involved in the different fields of Medical Oncology, congregating the foremost experts on each topic. SEOM promotes assistance to cancer patients is excellent. To do this, SEOM constantly supports and performs multiple activities ongoing and refresher training in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cancer research.

About SEOM 

Our Works

eTowers Activity

Great technology to display interactive content in a more educational manner. Menus can be activated on one side, and content can slide to the sides as it is not used provided a greater “touch” experience, and having access to many differnet tools (trial info, KOL videos, recruitment panels, etc).


Replace traditional backlit panels with fully interactive touchscreen detailing platforms! It is ideal for reps or MSLs to detail delegates while also recording valuable metrics from each interaction. This platform can incorporate: webcams to capture participants’ photos, 3D transitions, and a diverse integration of the latest technologies to have a greater impact on delegates.

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